Why Use Airport Transfer Taxis?

Travel is good for the soul. Everyone needs a break from routine every now & then. With the increase in globalization, business has also spread to all corners of the globe. Business travel has become increasingly common & is now almost a necessity no matter what field you are working in.

Air travel has become cheaper & more convenient than ever before & a record no of Britons are taking advantage of it. You must be familiar with the phrase- “All’s well that ends well”. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, starting your journey in the right frame of mind is also important. You don’t want a perfect vacation ruined by the nightmare of getting to & from the airport. This is where airport taxis come to your rescue over the myriad other options available.

Here are our top 5 reasons to use airport transfers and airport taxi services:

1. Inconvenient timings

Flights, especially in the case of international travel, are usually scheduled at the most inconvenient times possible - late at night or at the crack of dawn. Travelling to the airport becomes a big hassle at such odd timings especially if you have children, are a woman travelling alone or live in a hard-to-reach area. Airport taxis offer pick up & drop services right at your doorstep to solve your worries.

2. Travel in luxury

Tired of navigating the tube crowds with luggage or battling with rude taxi drivers? Airport taxi services offer you estate cars & professional chauffeurs that allow you to travel in luxury directly to your destination.

3. No need of pesky maps & timetables

You don’t need to go through the bother of checking maps & timetables to plan the best route. Simply book a taxi & let us take care of the rest!

3. No more queuing at the taxi rank

The last thing you need after a long plane ride is to wait in an even longer queue at the airport taxi rank for a horrendously expensive ride back home. Book an airport taxi at reasonable cost & you can smugly smile at the poor things still in the taxi queue as you are comfortably chauffeured home.

4. Safety first

Good airport taxi services will always offer licensed, insured cars with licensed, screened drivers so you can rest your mind about any safety concerns you may have.

5. Convenience of prebooking

Most airport transfers offer the option of pre-booking your taxi. You can now avoid the scramble of arranging transportation at the last minute & book your taxi as far in advance as you want.


We are a Brighton based airport taxis, airport transfers and private car hire specialist covering Brighton, Lewes and surrounding areas in Sussex. Here at Elite Travel Lewes, all our journeys are undertaken by friendly, reliable & fully vetted drivers and in high quality cars like our Mercedes E-class Estate. When you book your airport taxi with us you can be rest assured of a hassle free travel experience.