Ten Tips For A More Comfortable Flying Experience

The world is an amazing place & being able to see even a small part of it is a wonderful experience.The only small fly in the ointment? Those dreaded long-haul flights! Read on for some of our best tips to make turn the ordeal into a more comfortable flying experience.


1. There is a difference between “non-stop” & “direct” flights.

Opt for the former. Unlike non-stop flights, direct flights can touch down at multiple airports during the journey. While the stops are calculated in the journey time, the potential delay each stop can cause can really add up at the end.

2. Layer Up.

Being blasted at by the plane’s powerful air conditioning while having to sit still can get really cold. So be sure to wear multiple loose layers that you can remove or wear accordingly.

3. Learn your airport code. 

Know the 3 letter code for your airport & ensure that the luggage tags on your bags have the correct code. This is especially important when your destination city has multiple airports. There is a higher possibility of a luggage check in mixup at such times.

4. Enjoy a children-free experience.

If you are lucky enough to not be travelling with your own children & want to avoid other people’s, stay away from the front row seats. That is where people with babies are most often seated during international  flights.

5. Special meal requests are served first. 

If you are hungry & would like to avoid the long delay as every other passenger seems to be served their meal before yours, request the special meals. Special meals like vegetarian, kosher,gluten-free, etc. are always served first.

6. Avoid dehydration. 

The plane’s cabin is already very dry. Stay away from caffeine & too much alcohol to avoid aggravating the problem. Have water frequently, don’t wait till you feel thirsty. Green tea is also a good option if your airline carries it.

7. Bring your own snacks.

During long-haul flights, you will be fed but probably not when you expect it. To dodge those hunger pangs, carry some slow-releasing energy snacks with you like nuts, protein bars, yogurt, etc. in your cabin luggage.

8. Don’t forget the essentials. 

There are a few items that can really make the flight a lot more comfortable. You can start with a lightweight blanket, earphones, a neck pillow & a good eye mask. Carry basic toiletries like a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, a facewash, moisturizer & deodorant. Arrive at your destination looking & feeling fresh!

9. Check in later. 

When you arrive at the airport, the later you check in, the better it is. When you check in later, more people have checked in before you & the later your bag is put on the plane. By the same reverse calculation, your bags will arrive earlier on the conveyor belt at your destination,

10. Choose carefully the food you eat. 

Some studies say that foods rich in carbs like, spaghetti, whole grain bread, etc. make jet lag easier to deal with. Carb-rich foods help in the secretion of insulin which is why they are thought to be helpful in minimizing or avoiding jet lag.

Bonus Tip: Choose seats by the plane’s wing.

 It is said that seats near the wing are closer to the plane’s centre of gravity so they experience less turbulence.



These are some of our travelling tips for a more comfortable flight. Use the above pointers for your plane journey. Why not also let our professional & reliable transfer service enhance your whole travelling experience and take you to and from the airport for a complete peace of mind.